Earley Says No More Breaks for Congress

BRIDGEPORT, W.Va. - Feb. 27, 2024 - Today as Congress is heading back to DC Veteran and Republican Congressional candidate Joe Earley (R-WV2) said there should be no more breaks for Congress until the border is secured.

"The invasion happening at our southern border must stop. How many more victims of illegal immigrants does it take for Congress to act? The political games Congress played with attaching Ukraine funding to border security cost the country secure borders. They have blood on their hands for playing politics rather than stopping the invasion," said Earley, who has visited the border. "The House and Senate should not take any more breaks or days off until a legit border security bill is passed. They need to do their jobs!"

"Thousands of illegals are crossing our borders right now. The illegals are not taking a day or week off. They just keep invading," said Earley. "Maybe if Congress knew that there would be no more days off until this problem was solved, then maybe they would take action."

Earley also believes that if no plan is in place within the next 10 days, Congressional pay should be suspended.

"It is time to motivate Congress with the stick approach. No more days off or pay if they cannot secure our nation," said Earley.

Earley, who is the only candidate in the race to have traveled to the border, has a 20 point plan to end the problem of illegal immigration and secure the border. His plan includes:

  • Building the wall,
  • No federal government payouts to illegal immigrants,
  • End the catch and release program that allows criminal illegal immigrants back on to our streets,
  • Increasing funding for ICE,
  • End birthright citizenship for babies born to parents who are illegally in the United States,
  • End chain migration for non-immediate family members,
  • Hold back federal funding for sanctuary states and cities,
  • End the abuse of asylum claims,
  • Prohibit taxpayer dollars from paying for attorneys for illegal immigrants,
  • End the visa lottery system.
  • Prohibit illegal aliens from receiving taxpayer-funded benefits such as health care, welfare and housing,
  • Increasing penalties on businesses that purposely hire illegal aliens,
  • Requiring mandatory employer verification,
  • Re-evaluate criteria for refugee status,
  • Strengthen background checks on visas,
  • Withhold certain federal funds for states that allow illegal immigrants to get drivers' licenses,
  • End visa overstays,
  • Increase penalties for human trafficking,
  • Increase funds for courts dealing with deportation disputes, and deny false asylum claims access to our courts, and
  • Enact merit-based immigration reform to expedite naturalization process.