Earley Holds Cybersecurity Event

Helping Stop Online Victimization of West Virginia Residents and Address Online Protections

BRIDGEPORT, W.Va. - Feb. 12, 2024 - Veteran and Republican Congressional candidate in West Virginia's 2nd District, Joe Earley announced he will be holding a cybersecurity protections and preventive seminar to help educate West Virginia residents on how not to be an online victim tomorrow night. Joe Earley is not only a 20 year veteran of the United States Army, but he is also a cybersecurity expert. In that role, he sees the latest scams, hacks, and identity theft tricks. To help West Virginians from being an online victim, Earley is holding a Zoom town hall.

Here are the details:
Who: Veteran and cybersecurity expert Joe Earley
When: Tuesday, February 13th
What: Conducts a zoom conference on how not to be victim of online scams and identity theft
Time: 7PM
Place: Zoom
RSVP: By emailing

As our next Congressman, Joe Earley plans on filing legislation to hold hackers, scammers and foreign countries accountable for online attacks against the USA and our citizens.

"It is time to stop the data breaches! It threatens the security of our nation and the savings of our residents. We need to take these attacks serious and I will do something about it," promised Earley.

Background on Joe Earley

As a son of West Virginia, Joe is a fighter with a strong desire to succeed and win! Joe continues to serve our country as a patriot and cares deeply about West Virginia and our Nation. Joe was born in Montgomery, WV. He attended public school in Kanawha County, graduating from DuPont High School in 1978. Coming from a lineage of tradesmen, steel workers, railway workers, coal miners, and military servicemen, Joe developed a strong work ethic at an early age. Having a solid base behind him, Joe entered the adult workforce as a tradesman of drafting and surveying at the age of 17 years old and worked on survey crews for several Charleston, West Virginia based engineering firms. Joe entered the United States Army as an Armor Crewman in 1982. Joe served 20 Years in US Army and has an additional 20+ years professional experience in Cybersecurity and Biometrics Technology. He has a graduate Degree in Technology Management from Marshall University and holds International Certifications in Cybersecurity, Information Security Governance, Compliance, and Risk Management, and Project Management. Joe Currently serves as a cybersecurity professional in support of the federal workforce.