Earley Challenges WV2 Opponents To 6 Debates

BRIDGEPORT, W.Va. - Feb. 20, 2024 - Today Veteran and Republican Congressional candidate Joe Earley (R-WV2), called for a series of debates with his opponents: Riley Moore, Alex Gaaserud, Chris Walker and Nate Cain. Earley is proposing a series of six one-hour long debates with each debate focusing on a specific issue.

"I believe that voters need to have a choice. No one is entitled to being a Congressman due to being born into a political family. Washington needs fresh faces not recycled politicians," said Earley. "To help voters make an informed choice, I am proposing a series of debates. There are so many serious issues confronting our nation such as border security, parental rights, the economy and inflation, and the national debt. Each issue deserves more than a thirty second sound bite. Our differences should be aired in public forums in an open discussion of ideas."

Earley's debate proposal is that each debate would be an hour long. Earley strongly believes that debating is the best way for voters to be educated on the differences between the candidates.

"Voters deserve to hear directly and unfiltered from the candidates as to how they will represent this district in Congress and their goals," said Earley.

"This election should be about ideas not campaign funded commercials. I hope that Riley Moore and others will have the courage to agree to debate. We can set a new tone for politics here in West Virginia," said Earley.

"I am hoping my opponents will make themselves available for a total of six hours over the next 84 days until the election," said Earley. "Don't these important issues deserve a public discussion?"